5 June 2008

I'm on YouTube!

When I was working on the Clinton campaign in California I had a journalist and photographer follow me around for a few days. Apparently he was quite taken with the Englishman in California campaign, and frankly a little puzzled as to why I had travelled 6,000 miles to work on a campaign that wasn't paying me and that I couldn't vote for. (Maybe he had a point?)

So I found out today that his finished masterpeice (hmmm...) has ended up on YouTube!

Of course this how now become all consuming. I am a little obsessed with how many views it has had, who has commented on it (no one...), and what my rating is (a rather feeble 2.6 stars.)

So if you're feeling charitable, give me a 5* rating and a gushing comment!

1 comment:

Lilya said...

hey! that's me in the background!