23 June 2008

Interesting thought...

A friend of mine said something to me over lunch today that got me thinking.

Barack Obama is being hailed as the first black nominee of any major American political party and would become the first black President of the United States if he wins the General Election in November.

Barack Obama is the son of a white American mother from the state of Kansas and a black father from Kenya.

Which led to the debate - if Barack Obama was running to be President of Kenya and was stressing his mothers background and ethnicity, would he be considered the first white President of Kenya?

A rather irrelevant musing, but it did get me thinking...

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Dean Newby said...

Of course, it's a shame that he is "being hailed as the first black nominee", etc...why does his race have to come into it?

The laws may have been passed, but the hearts & minds have some catching up to do.