18 June 2008

Nail in Clinton’s VP Coffin?

Barack Obama has made his first appointment of a former Clinton staffer to his campaign.

Patti Solis Doyle, who was infamously and unceremoniously fired from her position as Clinton’s campaign manager in February has been selected by Obama to be the campaign chief of staff to his, as yet, unnamed running mate.

It is to be expected that Clinton campaign staff will gradually move over to the Obama camp – after all, they are all Democrats who want to see John McCain defeated in November, and they offert are a huge talent pool that Obamas camp will be keen to utilise.

What is interesting though s that several blogs and news sites are interpreting this move as a deliberate shun to Senator Clinton and the clearest sign yet that Obama has little intention of making her his Vice Presidential candidate.

CNN’s Jessica Yellin reported Monday that the Clinton campaign is angry about the hire. Solis Doyle left the campaign in February after a string of disappointing primary results and rumours surfaced before Clinton even bowed out that Solis Doyle would join the Obama campaign.

What’s more, the bitterness between Solis Doyle and Clinton is apparently still simmering, with the two reportedly no longer on speaking terms.

A top Democrat close to Solis Doyle told Yellin that Solis Doyle would not have accepted the job if she believed Clinton would be Obama's choice for vice president.

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