9 June 2008

Remember John McCain?

With all the hype and hoorah surrounding Hillary Clintons suspension of her campaign and the crowning of Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee, it has been all to easy to forget that this is a two party race. Remember poor old John McCain?

His greatest challenge to date seems to be a depserate attempt to remain relevant. He has now been the presumptive Republican nominee since Feburary but has been comprehsnively overshadowed by historic nature of the Obama - Clinton contest.

In fact several people that I know who have only a fleeting interest in American politics believe that the US Presidential Election has been a contest between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

So to remind people that the Republicans have a serious shot this November with him as the candidate, John McCain has launched his first significant ad buy of the General election. To be aired in nine swing states, it is an attempt to set out the narrative of his life and his heroic military service during the Vietnam war.

What do you think?

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