5 June 2008

So its all over...

After more than 16 months, roughly $110m, 52 states, 17 million votes and countless amounts of coffee and donuts, Hillary Clinton is preparing to withdraw from the campaign.

On Saturday, Senator Clinton will suspend her campaign and offer (tacit?) endorsement of Barack Obama.

I genuinely feel a hint of sadness about Senator Clinton's demise. Having worked on the campaign I know the amount of hard work, dedication and passion that motivates everyone who has been involved.

What is important now though is that the healing process begins for the Democratic party. Although the rhetoric between the candidates has warmed considerably during recent weeks there is still a lot of disapointment and distrust. The media seemed to have picked up with enthusiasm on the anger felt by Obama supporters at what some believe was the injection of race into the campaign by the Clintons. However, I believe many have overlooked the sense of anger felt from Clinton supporters.

I am sure some of this is the feeling that Hillary has been denied what was rightfully hers (note: not my opinion!) and that it was all meant to be. But I think many legitimately feel that Senator Clinton has been treated dismissively and disrespectfully. Any candidate should be treated with respect when they put themselves on the line and go out to fight for what they believe in.

Barack Obama should certainly take note and ensure he pays attention to, but does not pander to, those who have dedicated large amounts of time, money and effort to Hillary's campaign.

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