29 August 2008

Confusion reigns as McCain VP choice imminent

ABC News: Palin’s spokesperson says the Alaska Governor is going to the State Fair in Anchorage, Alaska Friday — and isn’t in Dayton, Ohio.

But: A Gulfstream IV arrived in Middletown, Ohio from Anchorage, Alaska Thursday night.
Middletown is right outside Dayton.

CNN: Someone who works at the airport says a woman and two children got off the plane and into white vans, calling it a very “secretive” flight. Palin has two teenaged sons among her five children.

NBC, FOX say Romney isn’t McCain’s veep choice. Mixed reports about whether he’ll be in Dayton with McCain.
Pawlenty tells Minneapolis radio he won’t be there. Says it’s “a fair assumption” he isn’t McCain’s No. 2.

Drudge also says “no Romney,” suggests Palin is the pending choice.

NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell: A source says some who aren’t selected might be in Dayton for a “GOP talent show,” along with the veep pick.

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