5 August 2008

Dick Cheney Will Not Attend Republican National Convention

Sources from within the McCain camp have suggested that Vice President Dick Cheney will not be given a speaking slot at this years Republican National Convention.

Acutely aware of the toxic reputation of the Vice President, the McCain camp is going to great lengths to put some distance between the two.

One GOP official told CNN there's a "mutual understanding" between Cheney's office and the McCain camp that he is "unlikely" to attend the convention.

The conservative American Spectator first reported Monday Cheney, who has low national approval ratings but is still popular among conservatives, is not expected to attend the convention.

With the all indications up to this point being that McCain wants to keep the Bush administration as far away from his campaign (at least publicly) as possible, it will be interesting to see what role will be carved out for President Bush at the convention. Side-by-side photos of a grinning McCain and Bush will be potent ammunition for the Democrats, seeking to portray the two as one of the same.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone surprised? Cheney is vilified and hated and McCain will want to have his moment without someone who's been touted as satan lurking in the background just waiting to create the headlines the daily Kos fantises about.

Anonymous said...

Bet Anne Coulter's thrilled - now she'll be without rival.

Anonymous said...

The RNC has got to be a let down after Barak's speech to (potentially) over 75,000. Using a stadium was a master stroke by the Obama campaign. McCain's will look insignificant.

Anonymous said...

McCain isolating the far right? Doesn't he need his core support or is he too "maverick" to look to the republican conservative base for support.

Anonymous said...

Maybe McCain thought another white haired old guy wouldn't help with trying to create a dynamic image.

Anonymous said...

The fact he's like the most hated man in america won't really thrill McCains PR people.