27 August 2008

Giuliani: Hillary's speech helps Republicans

DENVER, Colorado (AFP) - Former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani crowed Wednesday that Hillary Clinton's showstopping convention speech would help Republicans defeat the Democrats in the White House race.

"I think she gave a very good speech from her point of view and our point of view, but not necessarily for Barack Obama's point of view," he told Fox News.

"She never really answered the key question, is he prepared to be president? Which is the issue she put out there, rather dramatically, during the primaries."

Clinton brought the Democratic convention at Denver to its feet late Tuesday with a powerful speech ordering her supporters to unite behind Obama, who defeated her in the nominating contests.

Her speech sought to end the party divisions after the bruising primary race, and Obama said afterwards he thought it was an "outstanding" address.

"She gave a great speech last night," agreed Giuliani, who failed in his own bid to carry the Republican crown into the November 4 elections losing to John McCain.

"Why isn't she the vice-presidential candidate. Why isn't she the presidential candidate," he added, once again picking at the Democrat's wounds with many Clinton supporters still distraught at her defeat.

He said on Fox and Friends he had been convinced that Obama would pick Clinton as his running mate and "I couldn't understand why he would organize a convention to give the Clintons two nights and then diss Hillary as vice-president."

- AP


Anonymous said...

you wish Giuliani - you wish!

Anonymous said...

please she could have given all her votes to obama and declared that not only was she never running for president but that she was never as good a candidate as obama and the GOP would have still said she wasn't fully endorsing him.