29 September 2008

All hail McCain, king of the knee jerk reaction!

Someone in McCain's office should really explain to him about video conferencing. That way he can contribute to a meeting in DC without missing the debate. Or he could take Obama's point about the fact they both have jets that can fly them there and back without missing the debate. But no the team McCain seem to believe that the politics of governance are the same as those of campaigning. Saying "the fundamentals of the economy are sound" doesn't make it so. Calling for someone's head won't suddenly calm peoples fears, and failing that calling for someone else's head won't work either. If it didn't work first time round....

Bringing everything to a screaming halt, to saddle his horse and lead a one man Calvary to save the day won't help deliver a plan that will stabilise the economy. In a crisis such as this sound bites and knee-jerk reactions only antagonise the situation and do less than nothing to calm the panic that is affecting the markets.

This sudden move by McCain has had many people scratching their heads. What kind of message does this send out. The only way we can deal with something is to drop everything else. God forbid there's a housing crisis, economic recession looming, a war being waged in two countries and sensitive and precarious international relations for McCain to deal with if he were to be elected president....oh wait a second. As Obama pointed out in his statement "you know, presidents are going to have to deal with more than one thing at a time. It's not necessary for us to think that we can only do one thing and suspend everything else". Ouch.

I realise that a measured response isn't half as exciting as a dramatic and sudden cross country dash throwing off all other ties on the way, but it would help to establish the beginnings of a resurgence of confidence if the country's potential leaders weren't flapping around screaming "don't panic Mr Mannering". If this is how McCain reacts as a candidate imagine what he'll be like as a leader! Now contrast with the firm but calm response from Obama.

Facing a crisis? Who do you want in charge: a man who bolts from one position to another or the man who responds "it's one that I'm glad to be a party to, because one of the things that we have to be clear with the American people about is that this is a serious problem. We need to solve it. But I think the American people also need to understand that it can be solved...what I'm going to do is, I'm going to -- what I have told the leadership in Congress is that, if I can be helpful, then I am prepared to be anywhere any time".

By Elizabeth Connor

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