2 September 2008

Five Reasons Why Things Are Now Looking Up For The Republicans

Over at the Spectator Magazine, Fraser Nelson claims that the Republicans might just be on the up-swing.

1) Gustav has been downgraded to a Category One hurricane. No levees were breached. So no disaster - and McCain may deliver convention speech in person after all.

2) To an extent, Gustav may atone for Katrina in showing lessons were learned and that McCain is a decisive leader who didn’t dither about the convention.

3) Bush and Cheney cancelled their speeches due today. No one in Team McCain will shed a tear for that.

4) Sarah Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy is an issue, but looks likely to be treated sympathetically and may yet augment her appeal. Time Magazine is on the scene in Alaska, and says it was “no secret”.

5) General interest in Palin has negated any Obama post-convention bounce. It’s still a tie between him and McCain.

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