2 September 2008

A good day to bury bad news

I thought these were an interesting few comments tucked away in a New York Times article about Bristol Palin's pregnancy today:

"Mr. McCain’s aides disclosed the news at the same time as Hurricane Gustav struck land in what they said was an orchestrated attempt to minimize attention to it. Yet still it dominated discussion among delegates here, and in the news coverage that was devoted to politics, on the opening day of Mr. McCain’s convention."

"Mr. McCain’s campaign, which has shown itself adept at handling the news media, tried to influence coverage of the disclosure by releasing it as Hurricane Gustav was slamming into the Gulf Coast. (The Palin news was not mentioned on the “CBS Evening News” until 15 minutes into the newscast). It was also by every appearance tucked into a series of problematic tidbits released about Ms. Palin’s past, including news that her husband, Todd, was arrested for driving while impaired in 1986.

“We are going to flush the toilet,” said Tucker Eskew, who is a senior adviser to Ms. Palin, describing the campaign’s plans for Labor Day, when much of the nation was busy with family and social activities."

And these was me thinking politics had been dropped for the day because of Gustav! How naive!


Anonymous said...

Its just good sense really... everyone does it! She'll make a good vice president yet!

Joey said...

haha love it that the McCain camp stops politics for a day. riiggghhttt