30 October 2008

Less than a week to go...

Although the blogosphere is famously populated by nutjobs, some of the vitriol being chucked Obama's way is really quite shocking, and falls into several key areas:

1. He is a Muslim.
He's not. His father was a Muslim, but the young Barack was raised by his white mother in no particular faith. He became a Christian in his 20s. And, what's wrong with being a Muslim anyway?

2. He is an Arab.
He's not. He is half Kenyan, and Kenya is a long way from the Arabian peninsular, which I doubt many Americans could find on a map anyway. And, what's wrong with being an Arab anyway?

3. He is a traitor.
He's not, and there is little logic to even beginning a rumour like this.

4. He is a terrorist.
He's not. This accusation stems from the fact that he knows a Professor in Chicago who took part in radical activities in the early 1970s. The boards they sat on together also hosted several respected politicians and business people both Democratic and Republican.

5. He has no experience.
He has more experience than Abraham Lincoln did, and despite Dick Cheney's 40 years of political experience the country is on its knees after 8 years of him pulling the strings.

6. He is black.
He is black. So what?

By Nick Cooper

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