10 October 2008

McCain's world of the strange

Having watched the US Presidential Debate on TV yesterday (despite already having watched the highlights and realising nothing that interesting happened) I have to concur with received opinion that John McCain needed a big performance and didn't get it.

Obama looked far more comfortable with the audience, the questions and the concept, whereas John McCain looked lost as he wondered in, looked incredibly awkward as he perched on his Boyzone crooners' high-chair and didn't convince that he knew what he was talking about.

It may be harsh to suggest that McCain came across as a rambling old man who is stumbling to defeat, but...well, he did.

However far more un-nerving was McCain's insistence to keep saying "Oh yes, my friend" at the end of every other sentence. It is the equivalent of the footballer's ubiquitous "you know" or the businessman's "going forward".

But to me, this repetitive phrase reminded me of my childhood watching BBC's Going Live of a Saturday Morning and listening to Trevor & Simon's World of the Strange.

Oh yes, my friend. If McCain manages to somehow win this election, it will be very strange indeed.

Although I doubt we will have to call in the paranormal experts with the two-tone beards to investigate, if that does happen...usually it's just hanging-chad experts in Florida that get a call. ;-)

By Kerron Cross

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