12 October 2008

Congressman says McCain sowing "seeds of hatred"

Reuters - Democratic congressman John Lewis, a veteran civil rights leader, accused Republican John McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin on Saturday of "sowing the seeds of hatred and division" and said it reminded him of the segregationist era of Alabama Gov. George Wallace.

McCain, trailing Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama in the polls in an increasingly tense campaign, quickly hit back, branding Lewis's remarks "shocking and beyond the pale" and calling on Obama to immediately repudiate them.

The Obama campaign said while Lewis was right to condemn "hateful rhetoric" the Illinois senator did not believe McCain or his policy criticism were comparable to Wallace or his segregationist policies as governor of Alabama in the 1960s.

Sarah Palin denies abusing power in Trooper firing

New York Times - Gov. Sarah Palin again insisted on Saturday that an investigation by Alaska lawmakers into the firing of her former brother-in-law found “no unlawful or unethical activity on my part,” and added that “there was no abuse of authority at all in trying to
get Officer Wooten fired.” (The report did in fact conclude that she had abused the power of the governor’s office.)

Ms. Palin’s comments came as she took a few questions from reporters outside a Sheetz gas station and convenience store here, with baby Trig strapped to her torso in a baby harness.

Asked about the report released Friday by Alaska lawmakers that found she had abused the powers of the governor’s office, Ms. Palin replied:

“I’m thankful that the report has shown that there was no illegal or unethical activity there in my choice to replace our commissioner,” she said. “A partisan kind of process that had been undertaken by some of the legislators who haven’t been real happy with anything that I’ve done along the way as governor, that process is now over, with that finding that I haven’t done anything unlawful in replacing the commissioner.”

Woman at McCain rally claims Obama is 'an arab'

McCain to renew focus on the economy

Over at Politico, Mike Allen is reporting that the McCain campaign will announce additional economic measures in the coming days in an attempt to steal the economic focus from Barack Obama.

"At a meeting at HQ today, Senator McCain and his inner circle will consider additional economic measures aimed directly at the middle class for rollout this week. Among the measures being considered are tax cuts — perhaps temporary — for capital gains and dividends. “The market’s the focus,” a McCain adviser said. “You want to stop the fleeing.” No more bailout money is being contemplated. “We’ve written a check to everyone in sight,” the adviser said. “We’re not in that game.” More than 30 ideas are on the table, and he’ll decide which ones, and when. “That’s up to McCain,” one official said."