9 March 2009

Leila Deen on Labour List

I have just posted a response to the Labour List post by custard protester, Leila Deen:

I read with great interest this justification offered by Leila Deen for her now notorious custard attack on Peter Mandelson. I really hoped for an insightful defence of direct action, perhaps framed around the historical significance of such protests.

Instead, the veiling of her actions behind feminist rhetoric is an insult to us all. Her actions amount to no more than petty assault on a Government minister and her comments about the protest show a disregard for the democracy that permits her freedoms and liberties. 

The argument that Lord Mandelson bullied an entire cabinet in to submission is laughable. Her highlighting of Harriet Harman as a victim of Mandelsons ‘misogynistic tactics’ is as patronising as it is laughable. 

The modern feminist movement is the inheritance from a long line of courageous and determined individuals who fought for a noble cause. Where as the fight against climate change may very well join this tradition, the same can not be said by these actions and the flimsy justification offered.

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