25 April 2009

Blair: 50p tax rate is a "terrible mistake"

Tony Blair has reportedly launched a scathing attack on Gordon Browns decision to raise the highest rate of income tax for those earning above £150,000. 

According to todays Telegraph, Mr. Blair was exasperated by the announcement, claiming it was a 'terrible mistake.' 
"One friend of Mr Blair said: "Tony thought the original proposal to raise the top rate to 45 pence was just about saleable in the current economic circumstances."

But he believes taking 50 per cent is not acceptable. It would not have happened if he was still there. He thinks it's a terrible mistake."

One of Mr Blair's closest allies said: "The 50p tax move is a disaster. Blair would have cut taxes, not increased them."
Senior Blairites have allegedly conceded that the next election is now unwinnable. One senior Labour figure remarked that: 
"There is no way back. People want a man with a plan, and no one would believe Labour if they changed leader now."
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Anonymous said...

Tony Blair is lecturing people on whats popular with the electorate? Really?