4 April 2009

Brown enjoys post-G20 bounce!

A YouGov poll for the Sunday Times newspaper showed Brown has cut the Conservative lead to seven points.

The Labour Party gained three points to stand at 34 percent. The Tories are unchanged at 41 percent. The Liberal Democrats were down one point to 16 percent.

An online poll of 2,000 voters also showed 53 percent thought the G20 summit to be a success and 44 percent saying the deal agreed by world leaders would help end the recession sooner.

There was also a five point increase in the number of people who thought Brown was doing a good job, to 41 percent, although 53 percent think he is not.

The number of respondents who were more optimistic about economic recovery rose by four points to 25 percent, with 44 percent negative, down from 51 percent when asked in December.

Is this the start of the third Brown bounce?

Source: Reuters
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