22 April 2009

The budget as it happened: my twitter feed.

My twitter posts from throughout the budget. Apologies for the poor spelling and grammar!

You can grow your way out a recession, you can not cut your way out. from web

Tax free ISAs - increased limit to £10.5k! from web

State pension up by 2.5% #budget from web

...although makes me wonder why Labour hasn't been giving bold progressive budgets for the past twelve years. Hmmm... #budget from web

Grandparents who care for kids will earn towards state pension! This budget is amazing! #budget from web

Child Poverty: child tax credit will increase by £20. Kids with disability will get extra £100 - £200 in child trust fund. #budget from web

New funding mechanism for new genertion of power plants from web

£525m of new support over 2 years for offshore wind. #budget from web

First Carbon Budget! from web

We are ahead of every other major economy in reaching our Kyoto targets! #budget from web

New funds for emerging tech - bio, digital etc #budget from web

Broadband to be expanded to almost every community! #budget from web

£100m for local authorities to build energy efficient homes #budget from web

£50m for army housing modernisation #budget from web

@Daryn_mccombe The kept the top tax thing quiet! Very bold. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside... from web in reply to Daryn_mccombe

£500m of extra support for house building. #budget from web

61 new hospitals, 140 new schools and modernisation of public transport... Capital investment to continue at high levels #budget from web

@kevpeel You missed the best bit! New top tax rate! from web in reply to kevpeel

Now all the efficiency savings yabbering. Increased savings.... etc etc #budget from web

The headline from this is without a doubt going to be the new top rate of tax. 50% on those earning above £150,000. Very bold! #budget from web

Alcohol up 2p tonight! Lets go drinking! #budget from web

NEW RATE OF TOP TAX 50% FOR THOSE EARNING OVER £150,000!!!! #budget from web

NEW RATE OF TOP TAX 50% FOR THOSE EARNING OVER £150,000!!!! from web

I am not proposing to increase taxes on incomes this year. But as economy recovers it is right we take additional steps. #budget from web

1/4 of all money for pension tax relief goes to top 1.5% alone! from web

It is important that everyone is encouraged to save for their retirement. #budget from web

Tough decisions, but fair decisions #budget from web

"We need ot help people now. We need to maintain key public services now." #budget from web

"We need ot help people now. We nee dot maintain key public services now." #budget from web

As share of GDP, borrowing will be 11.9% of GDP next year. Ouch. #budget from web

Our deficit (public sector net borrowing) this year will be 12% of GDP from web

Cuts now would choke off recovery and prevent investment in the future #budget from web

Tightening of 0.8% of GDP until 2013/14 from web

How to rescue public finances... Uh oh #budget from TwitterFon

"We chose to act because it is the right thing to do." from TwitterFon

We will implement scrappage scheme of £2k when selling car over 10 years old from TwitterFon

Top up trade credit insurance schemes. Whatever that means... #budget from TwitterFon

"Additional support for those who lose their jobs and new help for for people to get on property ladder" from TwitterFon

Introduction of scheme to guarantee securities backed by mortgages #budget from TwitterFon

From next year anyone under age of 25 who have been unemployed for one year will get guaranteed job or training #budget from TwitterFon

We will not repeat mistake of generation of young people left on scrap heap from TwitterFon

Additional £1.7bn of support to get back in to job market #budget from TwitterFon

RPI -3% by September #budget from TwitterFon

Unemployment rate 4.5% #budget from TwitterFon

Economy to grow by 3.5% from 2011 from TwitterFon

Science base investment increased by 88% in past 10 years! from TwitterFon

Economy to grow by 1.25% in 2010 from TwitterFon

British economy to suffer less than Japan and Eurozone this year from TwitterFon

-3.5% growth this year! from TwitterFon

"no quick fixes. No overnight solutions." from TwitterFon

Total amount of fiscal support across G20 will amount to £5trillion! from TwitterFon

Tracker mortgage families have saved £230 a month thanks to interest rate cuts from TwitterFon

Darling confirms VAT cut will last until December from TwitterFon

"Banks will be able to lend billions of pounds more" thanks to Labour measures. from TwitterFon

"Britain can and will be a world leader." from TwitterFon

Darling compares current crisis with 1930's great depression from TwitterFon

Watching the budget!! from TwitterFon

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