25 April 2009

But not everyone welcomes them...

Michael Gove made a major announcement about the direction of any Conservative governments education plans this morning. He has outlined policy to extend the school academy scheme to primary schools across the country. 

However, according to the BBC, Ministers and teaching unions have widely rounded on the proposals, savaging them for introducing market privatisation of primary education through the back door. 
"Children's Minister Beverley Hughes said it was not financially possible.Teaching union the NUT has likened the plan to Labour's secondary city academies, which it says are failing.

NUT National Executive member Kevin Courtney said: "When you study these schools, [they] are improving their results by changing pupil population so that social segregation is coming in again.

"That's what we're worried about with this Tory proposal. It's a return to deregulation and privatisation and a return to social segregation."

NASUWT general secretary Chris Keates added: "Having already announced academies will be the norm for secondary schools, this proposal for primary schools completes the Tories' blueprint for the dismantling of state education.

"These plans are the naked marketisation of education and will place thousands of children and young people at the mercy of private, voluntary and independent providers."
David Cameron will be keen to get a smooth roll out of these proposals, given that, excluding inheritance tax reforms (which according to Ken Clarke are no longer a priority), this is the only flagship Tory policy at present. 

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Kiki said...

Unions standing in the way of efficiency reforms? I don't believe it!!!