15 April 2009

Derek Draper interview: The key quotes

Derek Draper has given an interview to the Guardian Today. LabourHome has very helpfully pulled out the key quotes for us all to enjoy:

Draper said that the email from McBride smearing leading Conservatives "came out of the blue". He said he had had one previous conversation with McBride about Labour's web strategy, along with Charlie Whelan, the Unite political director and a former aide to Brown when he was chancellor. Speaking from his holiday, Draper said he thought he had been drawn into the discussion because of his knowledge of the internet.

"I deeply regret what I did. I should not have responded to Damian's email as I did".

"part of me feels like I have been an innocent victim, and another part of me in the dark night of the soul feels like I just attract controversy"

"I honestly cannot remember whose idea it was to set up Red Rag. It took five minutes to grab the name. It was a good name"

"My view was that Labour needed an internet strategy. We needed a leftwing version of ConservativeHome"

"I thought we needed a single blogger similar to Iain Dale, and I was willing to do that because there did not seem anyone else obvious to do it. And we needed something with leftwing tittle-tattle like Guido Fawkes".

"There was no great conspiracy or plan."

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