29 April 2009

Georgia Gould promised a safe seat?

There is an interesting story in todays Daily Mail (I know, I know...), claiming that Erith and Thamesmead candidate Georgia Gould has been lined up for safe Labour seat since the tender age of 14.

A source at the London School of Economics, where Miss Gould is studying for a post-graduate degree, told the Labour Home website: 'Georgia has been very blasé about the whole thing. She thinks, "Oh well, if I don't get this one, another one will be lined up for me."

'Apparently she has been told since she was 14 that she can be a MP if she wants after leaving university, and her family will organise it for her. It's pretty sickening nepotism.'
It seems strange to me that the Daily Mail would run a story based on an unsourced and unconfirmed comment on the Labour Home website. We all know that comments on political websites are at best ridiculous and at worst insulting and slanderous.

True or not, there is clearly a great deal of anger currently felt by Labour activists over the young relatives of the party heirarchy competing for safe Labour seats.

Her aggressive tactics have upset local Labour members who say she is just 'relying on daddy's friends'.
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