16 April 2009

Guido Fawkes writes in The Times

Notorious blogger Guido Fawkes, aka Paul Staines, writes in tomorrows Times about his role in the Damien McBride scandal and the cowardice of the mainstream media to stand up to the political elite. 

Here are the key quotes:
I was tarred as a racist over things not written by me, and that I had not even read. On a live TV debate months later Mr Draper denied three times when challenged that Mr McBride was the true author of that smear. Those three denials allowed me to crucify him in the media this Easter weekend.
The explosive proof of a smear and spin operation in the heart of Downing Street was met with a universal lack of surprise inside the Westminster village. Everyone who was interested knew it existed.
Ivan Lewis, a government minister, dared to say something off-message about Mr Brown's leadership late last year; it was not long before he was exposed as a “text messaging sex pest”.
Journalists are to there to “speak truth unto power”, not trade favours for tittle tattle, not report spin as truth.
Cowardice and cronyism run right through the lobby, who are fearful of being taken off the teat of prepackaged stories served to them
Charlie Whelan talks darkly of calling in the police; too late to arrest the truth
Inside the Westminster bubble the political correspondents of the lobby, who drink in the same subsidised bars as the MPs, have been slow to sense the popular anger
As you read the many reviews of the years of terror and spin by the journalists who were on the receiving end, remember their shameful complicity.
Interesting stuff.  

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Anonymous said...

I hate to think about all the shit that we haven't got a clue about yet. History will render a damning verdict on this sleazy incompetent government.

R0b said...

Why would you post this cocks rubbish?