23 April 2009

How the papers have covered the budget

The BBC News website has a very helpful guide to the main thrust of newspaper coverage of budget 09. I think its safe to say that the tone has been almost universally disapproving.

The Financial Times says "a wide and deep chasm" lay in front "but it turned out that he had only the materials for a short and rickety bridge."

Jeremy Warner of the Independent says "this was one of the most unconvincing and wrong-headed" recent Budgets.

The Daily Express concludes that "the nation is hurtling towards bankruptcy at breakneck pace".

'Political war'

Nearly all agree that history was made in the Budget.

The Guardian calls it "a return to class politics" - the Daily Telegraph calls it "class war".

The Daily Mail describes the new 50% upper tax rate as "a stake driven through the heart of New Labour".

The Times thinks "it is a declaration of economic and political war on the country's entrepreneurial class".

The Telegraph says it is "shabby cynicism" and comments: "They will not be forgiven for it."
'Robin Hood chancellor'

The Daily Mirror stands alone in applauding the Budget. "Just the job," it says.
It hails Alistair Darling as "the Robin Hood chancellor", saving the day by being "bold Labour", if not old Labour, and taxing the rich to "help the poor".

The Independent says tax will certainly be "the election battleground".

The Sun says the disposition of the forces for that campaign are now clear: "Labour is back to its high-tax, high-spending roots."

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