24 April 2009

Jack Straw for Labour Party leader?

Political Betting published an interesting poll on Wednesday, asking Labour supporters who they would prefer to be the next Labour leader. 

According to the poll, Jack Straw is Labour members top pick for leader following Gordon Browns eventual departure. 
25% Jack Straw (14/1)
20% David Miliband (7/1)
10% Alan Johnson (7/1)
8% Ed Miliband (10/1)
4% Harriet Harman (3/1)
2% Ed Balls (14/1)
2% James Purnell (8/1)

The balance of the responses were “none” or “don’t know”. Interestingly Harriet did better amongst Tory supporters with 7% saying they would prefer her.

The most startling figure from the poll was that Deputy Labour Party leader, Harriet Harman, is the top choice of only 4% of members. 

I think when Labour members eventually come to pick their next leader, there will be deep divisions within the party. Ultimately, I think vast parts of the party will be unsatisfied with the choices. 

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