28 April 2009

John Reid to replace Harriet Harman?

The Spectator has picked up on a report in yesterdays Mirror that former Home Secretary John Reid will make a shock return to the Cabinet in a June reshuffle.

“It is believed the ex-Home Secretary bruiser will replace Harriet Harman in a June 12 reshuffle - so allowing him to take on the Tories on TV and radio in the election run-up.

With No.10's blessing, he led the Labour attack after the Budget and defended the 50 per cent tax rate on those earning more than £150,000."
The Spectator ponders whether Brown is seeking another 'Mandelson moment' by bringing back a former cabinet rival. But let’s face it - Reid is no Mandelson. I always wondered where the high praise for Reid came from when he was at the Home Office. Yes, he pushed through much needed reform by splitting the Home Office and Department of Justice. But I could never quite understand where the leadership speculation arose from,

Reid is also planning to retire after the next election. What does it say about the Labour Party if its Chair, leading the charge in to the next election, is preparing for retirement?

Is it an issue to add another prominent Scot to the frontbench line up?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Considering John Reid has extensive parliamentary experience, the fact that Scotland is a part of the UK, such as Yorkshire and Manchester and that 4 Cabinet members out of 23 are Scots, then I wouldn't say that is the case. Would you apply the same arguement from someone from Yorkshire? I say this as a Yorkshire man and a Brit.