28 April 2009

Look, my time machine worked!

I really thought I had stumbled across a broadsheet from the 1980's when I saw The Times website this morning. The headline - Pupils aged 11 to learn about gay sex - is reminiscent of the scaremongering, hate filled headlines used to discriminate against gay men and women.
Comprehensive sex education has been proven time and time again to prevent unwanted pregancny and the transmission of of sexually transmitted infections. Why should pupils not learn that having gay relationships is just as acceptable and normally as heterosexual ones?

Although the new PSHE classes will be compulsory from 2011, faith schools in England will be given licence to provide sex and relationships education within the context of their own values.

This could mean that children will be taught that their religion regards the use of contraceptives as a sin.
I really thought we had moved on from this sort of thing...

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