25 April 2009

Mandelson: Gordon Brown rift ruined my career

Lord Mandelson has claimed his long running feud with Gordon Brown ruined his political career. 

Despite only recently being summoned back from political wilderness by the Prime Minister, Mandelson stated that: 

“It was a source of great sorrow and more to me that from 1994 onwards we were unable to get on. It wrecked my political career… in obvious ways.”
The Business Secretary described himself as the ‘casualty’ in a three-way marriage between himself, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

The relationship between Brown and Mandelson has been notoriously rocky since Mandelson backed then Shadow Home Secretary, Tony Blair, for the Labour leadership over the presumed heir, Brown.

Interesting to wonder why Lord Mandelson has made these comments now? He is widely believed to be the second most powerful man in government, operating as de facto Deputy Prime Minister. Is Mandelson attempting to distance himself from the Prime Minister in the wake of the supposed ‘non New Labour’ 50p tax rate?

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