28 April 2009

Only 62% of 2005 Labour voters will support party again

New ComRes poll out today covered over at Liberal Conspiracy

"Some 94 per cent of people who voted Tory in the 2005 general election say they would support the party again now. For Labour the figure is 62 per cent and for the Liberal Democrats 68 per cent. … Some 63 per cent of those who regard themselves as natural Tories say they are “absolutely certain” to vote at the next election, compared to 48 per cent of Labour identifiers and 51 per cent of natural Liberal Democrats."

Labour is not even in a position to carry swing voters when it can't even get its core base to the polls.


Oh, and I should have mentioned that the poll also gives the Tories a huge 19 point lead.

The ComRes survey puts the Tories on 45 per cent (up five points on last month), Labour on 26 per cent (down two points), the Liberal Democrats on 17 per cent (down one point) and other parties 12 per cent (down two points).
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