14 April 2009

Should Derek Draper resign?

By now we all know the in's and out's of the McBride/Draper scandal that broke over the weekend.

I have blogged on LabourList a number of times since its launch in January and have enjoyed being able to do so immensely. Derek Draper or anyone who works over at Labour List have never censored or prevented me from expressing my opinion on any issue. But it goes without saying that these are serious revelations and I would argue that Derek Draper should be considering his position very carefully.

Sunder Katwala, my boss at the Fabian Society, has today called on Derek Draper to resign his position as Editor of LabourList.

I'm not yet convinced that Draper needs to stand down from LabourList. My concern is that the essence of LabourList - allowing an equal space for Cabinet ministers and grassroot members to debate alongside one another will be broken as the big names stay away from the site.

I also think that the revelations have undermined any pretence that this site represented a break from the old ‘command and control’ structure as the strings between LabourList and Downing St have been laid out for all to see.

The problem is that I don’t think LabourList has been a resounding failure. I think it has shown great promise and, despite some mistakes and some fine tuning, it still has potential to become a real asset to the Labour party. Whether this is because of Draper or inspite of him, I am yet to decide.

What do you think?

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