24 April 2009

Should the government bailout the British Grand Prix?

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has launched an outspoken attack on the British Governments unwillingness to support the British Grand Prix. 

Speculation that the race may be dropped from the F1 calender when it was announced that Donington Park owner Tom Wheatcroft is taking legal action against the track's leaseholders for unpaid rent. He also wants the lease declared void.

Bernie Ecclestone thinks it will be a 'disgrace' if the British government does not step in to ensure that the British Grand Prix is not dropped from the Formula 1 calendar.

Being a big Formula One fan myself I lean towards the position that the Government should ensure the sport remains in Britain. A number of the high profile teams, including current championship leaders Brawn GP are based in the United Kingdom. These teams employ hundreds of staff, especially in Northamptonshire. This is not to mention the component suppliers and the international prestige from being a technological base. 

The G
overnment spends billions supporting other spots, not to mention the investment in the 2012 olympics. Why should Formula One be any different? 

Bernie Ecclestone stated that "It's a disgrace that the British government don't step in to help. They are throwing billions at the London Olympics. They could do what is needed to save the race by putting in a fraction of it - 0.002 per cent."

Even World championship leader Jenson Button has expressed his unhappiness at the situation."As a British driver, and motorsport is very British, it would be very disappointing not to race in my home country," he said. "I don't live in the UK, I live in Monaco, but I'm very British and very patriotic and it would be a disaster.

Formula One is an important industry to the United Kingdom and we remain a world leader in motorsport technology. The Government should be proud of that. Most Grand Prix receive Government funding, why should the British one be any different? 

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Jez said...

This government seems good at bailing out the playthings of the rich. Go for it. What's a few more millions on the debt pile!??!

Anonymous said...

absolutely! supporting f1 is just the sort of thing this left wing government will do! lmao

GaryT said...

Well surely Bernie should get something back for his dodgy donations

Richard Lane said...

I think it is a difficult thing for the left to justify. After all, F1 is a pretty atrocious environmental example. It is also typically associated with being a rich boy play thing.

But it is a sport none the less, and it does create a lot of jobs around the country. Why does football have any more benefit than F1?

I'm sure the Government supported the building of Wembley Stadium. Why not Donnington? Or preferably, Silverstone.