27 April 2009

Why Barack Obama wants nothing to do with Gordon Brown

The latest issue of mens magazine GQ has an insightful and provocative article about the so called 'special relationship' between Gordon Brown and President Obama.

American media commentator Michael Wolff writes that:

"Of all the recent pairings of British prime ministers and American presidents, none is as strained as Gordon Brown and Barack Obama... His recent visit was an excruciating affair... Well, it may not have been the least successful visit ever to Washington by a foreign head of state, but it could be among the most
ignominious... From a name recognition point of view, he’s a nothing... Part of the problem is that at the Obama White House they're pretty sure that Brown is not a keeper. The new president is not going to lavish affection and attention on someone he doesn't know, or care about, or expect to be in office very long."
Brown has put a lot of effort in to cultivating an image of international statesman with a unified centre left purpose. This won't go down too well behind the closed door of No.10. Hide the office printer...

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Anonymous said...

Thats what we call politics I think, non?