6 May 2009

Draper to quit LabourList tomorrow

Iain Dale is this evening reporting that Derek Draper will officially announce his departure from LabourList tomorrow.

It has been coming for a while, but I can exclusively reveal that it will be announced tomorrow that Derek Draper will be leaving LabourList to seek "pastures new". His details were unceremoniously removed from the site last week prompting speculation about his future role following the Smeargate emails.

Yesterday LabourList carried an article musing over the future of the site in a "post Draper era" as if it was an inevitability. Sources tell me that Draper will leave, but the site will continue in a new guise. It is so far unclear as to who will take over from Draper as editor or whether the focus of the site will change.

If this is in fact true, which I am inclined to think it is, then it is long overdue. LabourList has struggled to attract any senior Labour members since the smeargate scandal and Draper has been the elephant in the LabourList room ever since.

I'll be interested to see the direction that the site takes now; I have always believed that the project could offer a lot to the blogosphere and could fill the gaping hole that existed on the left.

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