1 May 2009

General Election, 6th May 2010

I've long thought that if Gordon Brown did not go to the polls in 2009 (which he now almost certainly will not), then the most likely time to call the election would be 6th May 2010. 

The Coffee House blog now agrees. 
We know the date of at least one election in 2010: the locals will be on May 6h. 

There also has to be a general election by Thursday the third of June.It is hard to see how the government could recover from a drubbing in May to win an election in June. It is almost certain that Brown won’t want to go after May 6th.One of the last hopes Labour people cling to is that the return of growth could save them. We can be confident that Brown will want the first quarter growth results out before election day.

 Given all this it seems most likely that Brown will choose to hold the general election on the same day as the locals. This could also be presented as a sensible economy measure in this age of austerity. So, we are just only a year away from an election and the voters' chance to render their verdict on this government.
That might not be a very happy 25th birthday for me on May 7th 2010 then...

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