16 May 2009

It was never this bad for the Tories...

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The latest round of opinion polls have put the Labour Party on its lowest ever share of the vote at between 20 - 22%. There is a palpable sense that the end of the Labour era in power is coming in very much the same way that John Majors discredited government was thrown out of office in 1997. 

So I thought I would try and make a comparison between the current depths of polling despair that the Labour Party is facing and those that the Conservatives faced back in 1997. 

Looking at polling taken approximately 6 months before the May 1997 General Election, the Labour Party had a staggering 21 point lead over the Tories. But the Tories had only plunged to 30% of the vote - some ten points ahead of where Labour finds itself today. In fact, the lowest the Conservatives sank in the run up to their landslide defeat was 27% of the national vote. 

How much worse can it get for the Labour Party before the alarm bells truly start ringing? Can any Government recover from such low opinion polls to win an election?

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