17 May 2009

Just like old times... the President gets heckled

Watch here.

It was just like old times in the US of A today as the President was heckled by disgruntled students.

President Obama was delivering the commencement address at the largest Catholic university in the United States, Notre Dame, when he was interrupted by anti abortion protestors.
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1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Protests do nothing... Sometimes I wish they did something, but I guess it is for the best that it doesn't. Most people that protest the way that these people did is just inappropriate, could be handled better, or just ends up turning into a bigger commotion to be posted later on YouTube before doing any good to anyone.

The fact that Christian leaders are putting their two cents in about letting the leader of our nation even speak at the graduation is ridiculous to me. Just because abortion was brought up doesn't mean that this man would kill children. He has children. I am sure he understands. Sometimes it is hard to please America and stick to your own beliefs. He may not even believe in abortion as a choice for his wife and him, and hopefully his daughter in the future, but to be a leader of a country, you cannot always be biased. The dollar and pledge may say "under God," but we all know what is wrong with that.

And this coming from someone who hates abortion and is Christian.