19 May 2009

LabourList: 62% say Brown should go

62% of Labour members and supporters sampled think Gordon Brown should not be leader of the Labour Party at the next general election.

The number of Labour supporters who believe Mr. Brown should be replaced rises to 66% among those aged 26 to 35 and 81% amongst those polled over 65.

The top preferences to replace Mr Brown as leader were Alan Johnson (38%), Harriet Harman (10%), David Miliband (10%) and Jon Cruddas (8%).

Should Mr Brown step aside, Alan Johnson was favoured to replace him in every demographic breakdown by age, gender and region, though his level of support varies and is higher amongst men (40%) than women (27%).

A total of 1,060 people responded to the poll between Monday 11th and Friday 15th May, 2009.

A total of 783 identified themselves as Labour Party members or supporters.

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