6 May 2009

President Bartlet: I couldn't run for office

West Wing actor Martin Sheen aka. President Jed Bartlet has stated a career in politics would simply be too tedious for him. 

According to the BBC, West Wing star Martin Sheen said he has been put off running for political office by all the meetings he would have to attend if he was elected. 
He told students at Oxford University he did not have the "character" to make it in politics. Mr Sheen said he had been approached by the Democrats to run for the US Senate in 2004 but had turned the offer down.

"I couldn't bear sitting in meetings all day," he said.Mr Sheen said the offer to run for office was "tempting" but he would not have been suited to the daily routine of governing."I don't have any aptitude for it," he said.

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