5 May 2009

Tory MEP: Cameron's decision 'dotty'

A Conservative MEP has criticised David Cameron's decision to quit the main centre right grouping in the European Parliament. 

According to the Guardian Caroline Jackson, Tory MEP for the south-west of England spoke just after Cameron launched the Tory campaign for the June 4th poll. 

She was scathing about Cameron. She said: 
"David Cameron's decision on the EPP is pathetic and will sow the seeds of endless trouble. It will leave David Cameron and William Hague very isolated because it will leave bad blood with Christian Democrat parties throughout Europe. It is a stupid, stupid policy.

"The party will probably have to creep back to the EPP and say sorry. The Tories are doing this because the party is run by people whose ultimate agenda is to pull Britain out of the EU. I have been a member of the Conservative party since 1963 and started working for the Conservative Research Department in 1973. This is one of the most dotty escapades the Conservative party had ever embarked on."
I have never been able to understand why Cameron made this one of the very, very few concrete promises of his leadership campaign. I can't see how international isolation immediately after a global financial collapse wins the Tories any votes? 

Is he that worried about the Conservative base deserting him for UKIP that he needs to abandon any concept of 'centrist policies' when it comes to Europe. 
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