3 June 2009


Iain Dale is on fire this evening, reporting that John Reid urged the Prime Minister to resign in a Downing Street meeting last night. Could Reid be the backbencher who knifes the Prime Minister? 
Reports earlier today said that Gordon Brown offered John Reid the job of Home Secretary in a secret meeting last night in Downing Street. What the media haven't reported is that not only did John Reid turn the job down, he told the Prime Minister he should resign. I am told that this is how the conversation went.

Brown: Will you be my Home Secretary?
Reid: No
Brown: You have to support me.
Reid: No I don't. I have to support my country and my party, and that means you have to stand down.
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1 comment:

Alan Smart said...

If true, good on the Doctor!

Or maybe he offered GB the Celtic job!........now that would start a backbench revolt