6 June 2009

Come back Tony, all forgiven

A new You Gov/Channel 4 opinion poll shows that over half of Labour party members believe that the parties fortunes would be better under the leadership of Tony Blair. The survey also shows that 47% of Labour members would like Gordon Brown to stand down as leader of the party. 
The headline news, of course, is that 47 per cent want Gordon Brown to step down before the general election, as against 46 per cent that want him to lead them into that election.

Most entertaining, however, is the finding that 53 per cent believe that the party would be in a better position "if Tony Blair were still leader"; 19 per cent say "worse" and 23 per cent say it would make "no difference".
Funny little anecdote from the John Rentoul over at The Independent:

As Blair said yesterday, when I went to see him speak at a Policy Network conference on climate change at the London School of Economics, and he came to the rostrum to warm applause:
"Very kind indeed. You obviously don't remember me."
Come back Tony, all forgiven... 

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