5 June 2009

My election results!

Not at all unexpected, but dissapointing none the less. Slipped from third place to fourth in the ward - a similar story for a number of Labour candidates in the ward. Share of the vote down by 6% on the 2005 election result.

But on a positive note, the last election held in this ward was a by-election in 2008 where the Labour candidate recieved 4.8% of the vote - meaning that I have seen a 1% increase in the Labour share of the vote. Huzzah!

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Anonymous said...

Great Peter Lilley stays in Harpenden.. Bandits still run our town then...


Richard Lane said...

Thanks for that link! The man is unbelievable.

“I could have gone back every night, but when I do I don’t see many of my constituents travelling back on a midnight train.”

IS he mad? He has clearly never been on a train from St Pancras at 11pm. They are almost full! I have to pay £350 a month for the privilege of commuting to and from work everyday. Why shouldn't he do the same!?