5 June 2009

Prescott launches scathing attack on Harriet Harman and Cabinet colleagues

Scathing article by John Prescott over at LabourHome, attacking (unsurprisingly) Hazel Blears, but also Harriet Harman, Caroline Flint and Douglas Alexander.
"But whilst I knew we were short of money I didn’t realise we also lacked the will to fight these elections. The people responsible for this non-campaign – and make no mistake there was no campaign - were Harriet Harman, Caroline Flint, Douglas Alexander and yes, our former Communities Secretary Hazel Blears.
I kept asking the party what was the strategy, what was our message, what was the campaign? I became so concerned I actually wrote to Harriet. Her reply was less than satisfactory."
No surprises that he attacks Blears but his venom towards current Cabinet ministers (messers Harman, Burnham and Flint) is quite shocking.

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