6 June 2009

Sunday Telegraph: It was the Blairites wot done it

Interesting article in the Sunday Telegraph tomorrow that claims to outline details of the 'Blairite' coup that unfolded over the past few days. 

The main points of the piece are: 
  • The Sunday Telegraph can disclose that they were part of a group of Blairites that met secretly for months and tried to co-ordinate last week’s resignations.
  • Their intention was to force Mr Brown to stand down in favour of Alan Johnson, the then Health Secretary.
  • The Sunday Telegraph has learnt that the group of Blairite ministers behind the plot to oust the Prime Minister planned a “phasing” of resignations after Miss Blears quit on Wednesday.
  • Miss Flint, the Europe Minister, was meant to follow her on Thursday night but held out to try to get a better Government job, leaving Mr Purnell, the Work and Pensions Secretary, to stage his dramatic walkout instead.
  • Miss Blears, the former Communities Secretary, telephoned other ministers to try to get them to close ranks behind Mr Purnell.
  • However, the coup was effectively thwarted by Lord Mandelson, the Business Secretary.
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Over the past few months Paul Staines, aka Guido Fawkes has been vocal in his criticism of the Telegraph, claiming that the paper has been all too eager to reproduce Downing St spin lines. 

Is this article once again the reporting of spin under the guise of journalism in order to undermine and devalue those who have resigned from Government? 

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