15 September 2009

Total Politics top blogs...

Total Politics magazine has today concluded its rather mammoth task of compiling the top political blogs in the United Kingdom.

As previously blogged, I was delighted to come in at a rather respectable 35th in the top 100 'left of centre' blogs. In addition, I was ranked 18th in the top 100 'Labour' blogs!

TP magazine today released its list of the top 100 blogs from every political leaning. I had been hoping to scrape in to the top 100, but just missed out - coming in at (a still excellent) 102nd place in the UK! Top 100 next year!!

I really was genuinely really pleased with this! So I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a vote for my blog!

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Anonymous said...

Great post. Can’t wait to read the next ones :).

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